Should a Christian join a Fraternity/Sorority?


A group of people sharing the same common profession or interests, for social purposes.

Ask what a fraternity or sorority is, that is the answer you get.
A question I receive, more from parents than students, is should they join a fraternity or sorority?

I have many friends who have been a part of the Greek Life and they turned out just fine. I have also had friends AND students join and it didn’t work out for them.

I attached two statistical websites for review on this topic and take a look at them if you have a chance. The Greek Life can be beneficial. Gallup did a study on this and found that it was linked to a higher well being for grads.
However, it also pointed out that the report found that college graduates (not just those in Greek) who had inspiring mentors and professors, who took part in long-term academic projects and extracurricular activities, and who had an internship or job where they applied what they learned are more likely to have higher well-being and work engagement later in life.

What is a church? A college ministry? A group of people sharing the same common interest (Our God and Jesus Christ) and fellowship with each other. Act 2:42-47

The thing about fraternities or sororities (not all, but it comes with the territory): the association with alcohol, hazing, binge drinking, and sexual assaults. These are things that will not improve the walk of a Christian, but rather bring them down. Now, the church isn’t perfect and neither are any college ministries. However, the purpose of coming together with God’s people is to worship, fellowship, and encourage.

The question isn’t should I join a fraternity or sorority. You are already a part of a family. One that is linked to a higher well being. The question is, “How can I bring others into this Christian family?”


William S.

Gallup Statistics

National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

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