Keep Moving

There is a road sign in town that always seems to grab my attention. The sign is placed at a major intersection, where the traffic in the far right lane is about to turn into a four lane road. It has two words on it: Keep Moving. The sign is there for one main purpose:... Continue Reading →

Empty Chairs

Spring break is over and no one came back. Sunday services were yesterday but we did not meet physically. There will be a Monday Night Devotional tonight at 7:30pm, only on social media. Wednesday will be here soon and there will be no college students to feed. For bible class, there will be empty chairs.... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones

If you haven't heard, there is a show called Game of Thrones and the story is basically that: kingdoms battling and vying to claim the throne, doing whatever is necessary to accomplish that goal. What if I told you that the idea of Game of Thrones has been around for some time now but the... Continue Reading →

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