Will Sharp is passionat46397981_10213200108226616_2112838058083614720_ne about Christ – living a life that portrays Him and supporting and empowering others to live a life that God would have them lead.

When the occasion came about to work with college students, he definitely wanted to pursue it. He realizes that God has blessed him with this wonderful opportunity to work alongside young adults that have that one major link in common: Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Having grown up in the church in Florence, AL, graduated from a good university like Freed Hardeman, pursuing a higher education, and ministering to teens, soldiers, young adults, and the church as a whole, he says that he knows that he may be able to help an individual in their spiritual journey but more importantly he realizes that we are in this walk together.

He enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and the awesome students in Tide 4 Christ, being outdoors, exploring God’s creation, and reveling in his knowledge of Superman.

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