Campus Ministry Q&A with David Dorantes

  College students need Jesus and they need loving support from fellow Christians. David Dorantes understands this. He the associate and college minister at Riverchase Church of Christ in Birmingham, AL. Here are some of his thoughts regarding campus ministry. Why do you think campus ministry is important? We're loosing too many kids to the... Continue Reading →

Campus Ministry Q&A with Craig Allison

Campus ministry is vital in a college student's life. Craig Allison, the campus minister at Central Church of Christ in Chattanooga, TN answers some questions on campus ministry. What is the real culprit of our young, losing sight of their faith?  FAILURE TO CONNECT CHRIST:  We have failed to show them while they are in... Continue Reading →

Campus Minister Q&A with Mark Butts

Mark Butts, a campus minister in Florida, gives some valuable thoughts on why the church needs campus ministry. Students are beginning their classes this week and starting a new adventure that will test them spiritually. Why is campus ministry important? Here’s my personal quick history. I experienced a state school with a very focused campus... Continue Reading →

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