Life is just like Baseball

I love baseball. In so many ways, life is just like baseball. In baseball, a great hitter is really successful 3 out of 10 times. That means that they will fail 7 times. 30% of their at bats are great. If I told you I did well on a test and I mentioned I got... Continue Reading →

5 Years

It's been 5 years since Rachel and I said "I do." Hard to believe that it's been that long. Feels like yesterday that we met each other on the campus of Freed Hardeman University. I can't put into words what a blessing it is to have Rachel in my life and especially starting a family... Continue Reading →


I've been reading to Harlan every night since he came home from the hospital just over 2 months ago. It is one of my favorite parts of my day. From reading Star Wars to Little Engine that Could, I love every moment of it. Just the other night, I finished reading the book The Lorax.... Continue Reading →

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