Marriage Isn’t That Important

Is marriage really that important? Just this year I will be a part of, involved in, have been invited to, or witnessing at least 8-10 weddings. Wow. It’s amazing. People are in love and they want to share that love with their family and friends. I am thankful to have the opportunity to see these wonderful couples commit their life to each other. Commitment. What a word. I think we might use that word lightly sometimes.

“I’m committed to the Tide.” Trust me. I am. I’ve seen years that Alabama has been terrible and years where they have been incredible. But the sports teams don’t live with me and don’t share my financial worries. “I’m committed to this job.” Etc, etc. 

We know that marriages are about commitment, promises, and vows. It’s about making sure the individuals grow closer together while growing closer to God. The couple stands in front of the audience, their family and friends, and make that commitment.

However, of the marriages in the United States, 40-50% end in divorce. 

The couples have their responsibilities. They know what is in store ahead. It’s not about the individual anymore. It’s about the two of them.

What about the audience? What role do we play? We are witnesses to the marriage. We have heard their promises and vows made to each other and to God. What does that mean for us?

You see, if marriage was so important, friends and family need to do their part.
Encouragers. Prayer Warriors. Helpers. We need to be committed to those we love. If marriage is so important, we would not have almost half the marriages end in divorce. 

If marriage is so important, we need to stop acting like it isn’t.

What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate. – Mark 10:9


William S. 

1. Divorce Statistics

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

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