To Be or Not To Be

Being in the position that I am in, I get asked one simple question very regularly:

Why are our college students falling away from God?

I am by no means a professional on this topic and neither do I claim to be. I have found, through my years in ministry as to why any of us fall away from God. I believe that once you hear my theory, you may understand. It’s simple but yet complex, due to all the levels it brings. The answer starts with a story:

The animal was crafty. Sneaky to say the least. It watches its prey and knows exactly when to attack. It found a young individual. She was gazing in the garden, more than likely in awe of what she was seeing for the first time. The crafty little snake saw her, and made his approach. He asked, “Did He actually say you couldn’t eat from any tree in this garden?” She says, “We can eat what we want, except from the tree that’s in the middle. That is what He told us. We shouldn’t touch it. He said it would bring forth death.” The snake, seeing it’s opportunity to strike, replied, “You will not die. He knows that when you eat it, your eyes will be opened, and you will see, being like Him, a god, knowing good and evil.” They ate. And it did open their eyes but it also blinded their spirituality.

The reason good things turn bad, is because we take the good thing and spoil it. We all want to be gods. We want to live our life the way we want to and a dose of Christianity is good, but some of this worldly stuff tastes so much better. Whether a high school student, college, young adult, recently married, or retired from a career, we all can fall into this category. My challenge to you and I is this:

Once we give our entire life to God, that is when we start living. 
Start living today. 


He must increase, but I must decrease.
John 3:30


William S.



Photo by Andrew Small on Unsplash

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