God is Listening

It’s time. Time to start school. This month, students from all over world will start school. Young and old. From pre-k up to adults. Elementary, middle, high school, community colleges, private universities, state schools, and trade schools. Teachers, administrators, public servants, will all be heading to school. They will spend close to 1200 hours in the classroom, preparing, teaching, and molding the minds of young students. Many of my close friends work or have worked in the education field and everyone I know has a had a teacher impact their life for the better. Join me in praying for all of these individuals, from students and teachers, to principles and the superintendents, bus drivers and aids, janitorial staff and all those that interact with students. My God is a great and powerful God. He listens to us when we talk to him. Let’s send up prayers on their behalf.

Pray. Pray for peace in the school systems; for safety in every environment they find themselves in; that children will not go home hungry physically, mentally, and spiritually; that all those who interact with students will be role models because we must understand that you might be the only one they get; that you and everyone involved in education can make a students day brighter; that God will bless, give strength, and patience to all our teachers; for those new college students adventuring out from home; that they will put God first in their life before their career, their family, and friends; that these college students will not lose focus on what is most important in their life, their spiritual well being; pray for those students that they not be a statistic of yet another Christian who lost their faith in college.

Will you join me in this? Pray. God is listening.

Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.
Jeremiah 29:12




Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

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