Average Joe

Here is a book for any man of any age. The title of this book sums it up. The author is basically trying to emphasize that God is there for the average Joes, just like He is for everyone else on this earth. The author has the book in three sections, and they are right on for men who are trying to find their way. He deals with many things that relate to the life of men; fame, fortune, friends, etc.

“We all burst from the gate with the intention of changing the world around us. Not unlike the greyhound leaping forward from its restraints, we see the prize before us: fame, fortune, happiness, and certain success waiting just around the corner.”

This is what men want. They want to pursue happiness and we will get it whatever it takes. Sometimes, however, the success, fame, or fortune doesn’t come.
“From my pit I curse God. I yell at the One who created me, ‘How could You do this to me? I served You with my whole heart. I gave up everything to become a pastor, a man who served You. What am I to do now? You have ruined me. You have abandoned me!’”

Through this book, I feel you will find a certain character that fits your mold. And when you do, pray. Pray that God guides you to be an average Joe for Him.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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