Follow Me: The Social Epidemic

In the past year or so, I have gotten a blog, a tumbler, a twitter account, updated my facebook, and downloaded multiple apps for my smartphone that allows me to share every little thing that I think is important to people. I find this so cool but yet so impractical. We have so much influence with just a click of a button. I don’t want to be that guy that says we should do something about this, but guess what, I am.

You must not get me wrong here though. I have been caught up in the social network for sometime now and have not used it to the advantage that it should be used for:

Post a picture of God’s creation.
Share a verse that encourages, uplifts, teaches others about Him.
Influence friends with positive words.
A spiritual video.
Blog about what the Lord has done in your life and can do for others.
And the list goes on…

The important thing about this social epidemic is that people see what you say and do. What you write on a friends wall, what you “tweet” about, what videos you are watching, what articles you are reading, movies and shows that catch your interest, and etc. When you plainly share with others on an internet site that you enjoy watching a certain show, that even though it emphasizes premarital sex, homosexuality, bad language, and everything else that is against the teachings of Christianity, what does that say to the friends, acquaintances, and the outside world about what Christianity is about? Brothers and sisters, we have an influence, whether it is positive or negative. What are you doing with your social network?
After all someone started a pretty good one with a phrase we see on a regular basis:

And He said unto them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (emp. added)
Matthew 4:19

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