Love is in the Air

You know, many people may not know this but men are romantic at heart. I can’t believe I am writing this, but we men are. I enjoy watching a love movie, watching Friends, pulling for the good guy to win, reading a Nicholas Sparks book (even though they are all the same),  looking at the stars with the special someone, and many other things.

But the thing is with this, many men don’t want to admit it. Why? I don’t know. We are all living a love story, in which we (wait for it…..) are main characters along side God, the father. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that it’s so wonderful, that God and Jesus, masculine figures, are in a love story with us. They are the true romance authors. And the even greater thing about this is that it’s nothing like hollywood. We lie, cheat, steal, treat Him like we don’t need Him, ignore Him, don’t give Him the time of day, and we are always either thinking about ourselves or someone else.

But, no matter what, the Author always has a great ending to the love story.

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