Kids and Parents

When I was younger, my parents showed me how things were. My daily routine after school would be practice basketball or some other sport for a while, come home, do homework, eat, etc. Now if it was on a Wednesday, it was almost the same, except I didn’t stay home to study for a test, do homework, or watch television. I went to Bible Study.

Now, maybe I’m older, things have changed, and kids and parents are doing things different now. I hope and pray this isn’t the case. My parents taught me how to prioritize and my friends parents taught them. I would never go to church and not see my friend there because he stayed home to do homework. I don’t say this to boast about me, I give all the credit to my friends and especially my parents for showing me how things were. In high school, when basketball interfered with church, me and my friends were going to church. It was never church interfering with basketball. You know what the crazy thing about that was? Me and my friend weren’t punished with laps, push-ups, or benched. We still played.

I see this thing happening now more than ever, now that I’ve been in ministry.
There needs to be a change. Parents, kids, young adults, youth ministers, what are we going to do? Some one needs to step up.


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