All things to all men

I have recently transferred schools. It’s crazy that I have been in school for about 18 years of my life. From Wilson High School, UNA, Freed-Hardeman, to Freed-Hardeman again, and now at Heritage Christian University in Florence. I’m happy with this decision, but yet again there is chapel…. I enjoy chapel, I really do.

I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Bill Bagents and he discussed The Role of the Minister in the Community and the Congregation. It is so true that ministers need to understand that there is ministry outside the congregation. I have seen, and have done this myself, that all we focus on is the members of the church we are ministers at and not those outside the church. We go visit our members at their homes, in the hospital, at their job, and schools. When we do this we need to visit their neighbors, other patients on the hospital floor, their fellow workers, and fellow students. We must realize that as minsters, we are to become all things to all men, as Paul did.

I like to apply this to my own ministry. I sat before a board to be chosen for the Chaplain Candidate program. The colonels on the board asked me multiple questions and they asked me if I had any questions for them, questions regarding Chaplains. I asked them what is something that I can take with me to better improve my Chaplaincy. They spoke of a certain Chaplain that although he came to the required monthly drill, he always wanted to leave on Sunday morning to go to his congregation and speak to them. The colonels gave me advice saying that as a Chaplain, one is to be a minister unto the soldiers, it is their required job. I agreed whole-heartedly with them, mentioning that although I am a youth minister at a church, ministry is not restricted to the church. I feel as though I have two youth groups, a minster to the youth at East Colbert Church of Christ and a minister to soldiers of the United States Army National Guard.

We are to be ministers in the community and the church. Too many times we confide ourselves to our church family, although they are too be saved and shepherd to, we are commanded to go into all the world, I pray that I and you will do this.

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