The time has arrived to come home from Maywood. It was a fantastic week. With my bed breaking from a mighty Christian man, spending time with wonderful Christian young men, buying out the entire Hamilton Taco Bell even though they had no beef to begin with, devotionals under the stars, and many more crazy and fabulous things. But Saturday has come, the devotionals have ended, the sports awards have been announced, the Golden Goggles passed out, memory verses memorized, and the Bonfire has burned out. 

So, we reach Saturday. This is the time in which we see if Maywood Christian Camp has had an impact on us. If we really listened to the speakers, sang the songs and heard the words, understood our memory verses, if we indeed have made a turn in our lives. We prayed for Saturday and here it is. This is the moment in which he will use all his power and strength to bring us down off our mountain and into his valley. We leave on fire but will our fire burn out? We came together as one during the week but will we stay together when one of our brothers or sisters need us? Do not let your fire burn out. 

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