In a time of Trouble

Many things have happened in the last month and a half. Some of which were great and others that were not so great. No matter what happens, good or bad, I’m reminded of one thing when I have to go and think.

Jesus. I know, Jesus was perfect, sinless, and was God. But Jesus was human. And because he was human, I believe he did something that we all long to do and want to do, but it seems we never get a chance because things get in the way. Jesus loved the wilderness, especially when it was time to go pray to his Father or think on things (No preaching here, I just love this idea). He went to the mountains, wilderness, woods, solitude on many occasions. He was tempted by the devil himself out in the wilderness, all alone. A decision had to be made when choosing the twelve, so he thought what other place to go sit and think and pray than on a mountain top… After serving a buffet style dinner out of a couple of fish and bread loafs to five thousand plus souls, he needed a break and went into the wild. Before going and making the greatest decision he would make on this earth, he went to a wooded garden next to a mountain and prayed.

One thing that I love so much about Jesus is his love for the wilderness. Of course he never says this but I seem it to be logical. Why wouldn’t he go to a mountain or woods and look at all the things his Father has made, and remembering back at the beginning when he was with God? I would love to be back in that time and of course see the miracles, but I would love even more to spend time in the wilderness around a fire with Him, praying and thinking.

I learn something from recognizing this. Jesus says pray as I do. It seems as though we take this to mean his words that he prays in his example. But if we are to take his example seriously, we must look at what he says. Don’t be like those who want to be seen and heard, but pray in secret. Pray, think, meditate, talk to God on a mountain, in the woods, in a garden, in solitude. Do this in times of trouble and in time of joy.


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