Who’s with me?

        This week I had to write a book review (yay me). Well, the book is entitled Every Young Man’s Battle. So, you can imagine what it is about, and yes you would be right, SEX! (so yay again, I get to read about sex). But not really, more like sexual temptation. Needless to say, I finished my book review and the book, I have already read it before anyways. The point of the matter is this: throughout the weeks I was reading it, something came to mind:

        The movie 17 Again. Yes, with Zac Efron. Now, I don’t know his personal view on sex, but the character in the movie was right on. The movie, if you haven’t seen it, is about a man who is transformed back into his younger self, thinking it means he has another chance at life in the basketball world, but proves to be wrong. He has another chance to save his relationship with his children and his soon to be ex-wife. The scene I thought about: in the classroom, the teacher brings up sex, and begins to pass out condoms. The bad guy says to him you don’t need one of this after confessing to the kids to be abstinent (seeing that his daughter is in the class right beside him). So he begins to say this:

No. No, you know what, he’s right.

He’s right. I don’t need one.

You know why I don’t need one?

Because there’s no one I’m in love with.

It’s called “making love,” isn’t it?

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think that

means you do it with someone you love.

And preferably when you’re married.

You know, when you’re ready to take

that love and turn it into a baby.

Ok, I now what you’re thinking, “Will, big whoop, don’t have sex until you’re married…” My question is, “When is the last time you saw something in the movie theatre that pushed the subject of having sex until you’re married?”

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  1. Very good point. I can't stand the culture we live in sometimes. Everything we see pushes how cool and casual sex is, when it is meant to be something special and sacred. Even commercials; it's ridiculous the things they make sexual. Everything from shampoo to dog food it seems like.


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